Grigore Burdea wins Best Paper Award at the 2019 International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation

Professor Grigore Burdea is the lead author of the paper titled "Novel Therapeutic Game Controller for Telerehabilitation of Spastic Hands: Two Case Studies" that has won the best paper award at the 13th International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation (ICVR) that was held in Tel Aviv, Israel in July 2019. The goal of the ICVR conference series is to provide an overview of applied and clinical research on technologies in the field of virtual rehabilitation. In this paper, Professor Burdea and his coauthors design a novel BrightBrainer Grasp (BBG) controller that can overcome challenges faced in post-stroke rehabilitation due to hand spasticity. The custom controller measures power grasp, finger extension, wrist position and orientation, as well as 3D hand position. It is designed to minimize friction when used by those with no gravity bearing. The paper presents a detailed description of the BBG controllers and their interaction with the BrightBrainer™ gaming system, including two successful case studies.

Congratulations on this achievement, Greg!