Grigore Burdea receives 2018 Most Impactful Rehab Tech Award

Professor Grigore Burdea is the recipient of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine's 2018 Most Impactful Rehab Tech Award. The American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine is the largest conference in the world on research in rehabilitation.  

The award is in recognition of Professor Burdea's work on 21st Century integrative medicine. Professor Burdea is known for his use of therapeutic games to treat the patient from a holistic approach. Most notably, the benefits of Professor Burdea’s research have been demonstrated in a male dementia patient regaining his ability to read within three-weeks of therapy and a fifteen year old stroke patient improving his daily activities completion rate by 30% after a month of therapy.  

Bright Cloud International, a Rutgers startup, is rooted in decades of research Professor Burdea has conducted at the Rutgers CAIP Center and the Tele-Rehabilitation Institute.