Four ECE students present their internship experience at Interns Present

On Tuesday February 23rd, four ECE students described their internship experience at Interns Present. The event was held as part of the National Engineers Week celebration February 21 through February 27. Interns Present was sponsored by the Lockheed Martin Corporation, the world's largest defense contractor. After the Interns Present forum there was also a networking session.

The Interns Present participants were Kinjal Patel, Hari Gunachandran, Atmika Ponnusamy, and Shivangi Rohilla.  Their presentations and bios are below.



Kinjal Patel is a senior studying Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science with a minor in Spanish. Currently, she serves as the External Vice President (EVP) for the Rutgers Society of Women Engineers (SWE), in which she is responsible for coordinating the section's corporate partnerships and helps lead the SHE-SWE-MEET Engineering and CS Career Fair. Additionally, Kinjal serves as an Honors Envoy for the Engineering Honors Academy, responsible for executing student programs, including previously serving as the Student Coordinator for the JJ Slade Scholars Program. Outside of school, she has interned as a Controls Engineer Intern at General Motors and a Software Engineer Intern at Facebook. Upon her graduation in May, Kinjal will be returning to Facebook full-time as a Software Engineer.

Link to Kinjal Patel's presentation



I am a junior at Rutgers University studying electrical and computer engineering & entrepreneurship. I have always had one goal: to leave a positive impact on society. From my non-profit dedicated to teaching underprivileged kids how to build computers to starting the first-ever South Asian mental health organization on campus catering to over 7,000 students, I am extremely proud to say, with these and my other initiatives, that I am working towards accomplishing my goal. Product management is the nexus of all my passions, marrying my love for technology and my dedication to leaving a positive impact. I confirmed this interest in product as I have been a product associate at Globaledit, a software firm in New York City for the past year. I loved it so much that I wanted more people at Rutgers to know about product, so a team and I started the first-ever product incubator at Rutgers to inspire the next generation of product managers. I love my community, and I will continue to strive to leave an impact here on campus and in my community.

Link to Hari Gunachandran's presentation



Atmika Ponnusamy is currently a senior double majoring in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. The summer after her freshman year she participated in the WINLAB research internship program working on a 3D simulation for the COSMOS project. That valuable research experience exposed her to skills that led her to intern at Google for the next two summers. In her first summer, she participated in the Student Training in Engineering Program and created an Android feature prototype using on-device machine learning for an Android research team. During the summer of 2020, she worked as a Software Engineer Intern on the Google Docs Backend team to develop a faster communication method for image storage. When you copy and paste an image from your Google Doc to a Slides document, have you ever wondered what magic is taking place behind the scenes? Click on her presentation to find out! After graduation, Atmika is excited to join the Google Cloud Platform team as a full-time Software Engineer. With the skills, connections, confidence that the ECE department has given her, she feels confident to take on any opportunity that the future has in store!

Link to Amika Ponnusamy's presentation



Shivangi Rohilla is an undergraduate student at Rutgers Engineering, majoring in Computer Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. She is working as an Operations Intern at CrossTower Exchange. Where she works mainly with REST APIs and databases to process data for the company. At Rutgers, she is a member of Rutgers IEEE and a part of the Rutgers Engineering Honors Academy. She enjoys reading, long walks, and honing her hobbies.

Link to Shivangi Rohilla's presentation