FIA-NP: Collaborative Research: The Next-Phase MobilityFirst Project - From Architecture and Protocol Design to Advanced Services and Trial Deployments

Principal Investigators: Dipankar Raychaudhuri, Roy D. Yates, Yanyong Zhang, Wade K. Trappe, Richard P. Martin

NSF has processed supplemental funding in the amount of $598,451 for the referenced award. The award, with this amendment, now totals $2,899,858.

Abstract: The Next-Phase MobilityFirst (MF) project aims to have a major impact on the architecture of the future Internet by re-architecting it to address the needs of emerging mobile platforms and applications. Adoption of technologies arising from this project may be expected to provide improved efficiency, security and robustness that would benefit both network operators and end-users of the Internet. This project, originally funded as a collaborative research effort under the NSF Future Internet Architecture (FIA) program (2010-13) in which the MF architecture was designed over the past 3 years, is centered on a new name-based service layer which serves as the narrow-waist of the protocol; this name-based services layer makes it possible to build advanced mobility-centric services in a flexible manner while also improving security and privacy properties. The architecture incorporates novel storage-aware routing techniques which provide significant improvements in mobile network capacity and functionality. The next phase of the MobilityFirst project is aimed at making the transition from early-stage architecture and prototyping to advanced real-world services and trial network deployments. The research and experimental trials agenda is aimed at validating and refining the core name service, routing, security and management components of the MF architecture, while also responding to emerging trends in network technology and services such as the cellular mobile data explosion, the growth of content, the emergence of cloud computing, and software-defined network (SDN) technology.

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