Eric Wengrowski receives GAANN Fellowship

Eric Wengrowski is a NJ native and grew up in Toms River, NJ. His Father, Edward Wengrowski, received his B.S. in Environmental Science from Rutgers Cook College in 1987. Younger sisters Emily and Sara Wengrowski are currently Rutgers Undergraduate seniors studying Environmental Science and Civil Engineering. Eric received his B.S. in ECE from Rutgers in 2013. Now a 4th year PhD student in Professor Dana's Computer Vision lab. His research is in Computer Vision, Computational Photography, Machine Learning. His previous internships include Kitware, AT&T Labs, a San Francisco tech startup, Microsoft Research. He worked on multiple projects include machine learning radar signals with Lockheed Martin, image forensics with Kitware and the DARPA Medifor project, personalized photo selection with Microsoft Research, and Camera-Display messaging with the Rutgers Visual MIMO group. His future goals are continuing to publish and contribute to the Computer Vision research community, creating a startup to commercialize his research, become a faculty member of a university or research institution, ...or become an astronaut.