Emina Soljanin receives NSF Grant

Professor Emina Soljanin has received a new NSF award for the project titled "Codes for Data Storage with Queues for Data Access." This is a three year $500,000 collaborative effort between Rutgers University (Emina Soljanin, PI) and Texas A&M University. Rutgers' share of this award is $309,236.

As part of this project, Emina and her team will develop efficient algorithms for distributed storage and access of large files. Large volumes of data, which are being collected for the purpose of knowledge extraction, have to be reliably, efficiently, and securely stored. Retrieval of large data files from storage has to be fast (and often anonymous and private). Large-scale cloud data storage and distributed file systems, e.g., Amazon EBS and Google FS, have become the backbone of many applications such as web searching, e-commerce, and cluster computing. Cloud services are implemented on top of a distributed storage layer that acts as a middleware to the applications, and also provides the desired content to the users, whose interests range from performing data analytics to watching movies. This project focuses on efficient data access in distributed file systems that employ erasure codes for reliable and efficient storage.

You can find more details on the project at the NSF page at http://"https://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward…".