ECE Researchers receive NSF Grant for the Design of Reality Aware Networks

A team of ECE faculty members led by Professor Marco Gruteser (PI) has received a new NSF award for the project titled "Reality-Aware Networks." This is a collaborative research project with Georgia State University and Old Dominion University. This project includes ECE Professors Narayan Mandayam and Kristin Dana as co-PIs at Rutgers as well as ECE alumni Ashwin Ashok and Shubham Jain, who are faculty members at the partner universities. The total award amount for this four-year project is $1.2M.

This project seeks to improve the robustness of wireless sensing and networking technologies through a reality-aware wireless architecture that blends networking and sensing. As wireless sensing and networking technologies make significant strides in today's world, applications such as automated driving or augmented reality are increasingly involving rich sensing of the environment with unprecedented network requirements. Existing approaches that strictly separate the network stack and the perception component face challenges in providing robust perception and high-bandwidth networking. To address this, the project develops and studies a reality-aware wireless architecture that blends networking and sensing components, rather than isolating them. Robust perception and high-bandwidth networking benefit innovations across a diverse spectrum of high-impact areas including mixed-reality, robotics, and automated vehicles. For example, the use of such techniques to enhance driver assistance systems or automated vehicles has the potential to save numerous lives. The proposed architecture will be implemented and evaluated in indoor and outdoor experiments, culminating in a validation on the Platform for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) COSMOS testbed.

More details on the project can be found at the NSF page here.

Congratulations to Marco, Kristin and Narayan!