ECE faculty Shriram Ramanathan received a new grant from DARPA

ECE Professor Shriram Ramanathan has received a new grant from DARPA. This is a collaborative proposal with Columbia University (Lead) and University of Wisconsin. The project is ‘Electron-doping-induced low-loss modulation of visible light using nickelate alloys’. The total value is $1M (Rutgers portion $315K) for a two-year period starting this Fall semester. 
Despite substantial research efforts, solid-state material systems with widely tunable optical indices and low optical losses across the visible have proven to be elusive. The development of such a material system with sufficient tuning dynamics will be valuable for photonics, with applications that include high-resolution spectroscopy and imaging. The principal goals of this collaborative project are to discover new semiconductor crystal alloys for tunable optical devices via film deposition synthesis protocols and their broadband optical characterization studies and develop new techniques for realizing tunability of optical properties.
Congratulations to Shriram!