ECE Faculty Shirin Jalali received NSF CAREER Award

ECE Assistant Professor Shirin Jalali is the recipient of a new NSF CAREER award for the project titled "CAREER: Theoretical Framework for Design and Analysis of Snapshot Compressive Imaging Systems." Dr. Shirin Jalali is the PI on this five-year $554,656 project.

Capturing high-resolution 3D data cubes, such as video files or hyperspectral images, is a key requirement in many modern applications. However, since sensor arrays can typically acquire only 2D images, capturing such data cubes often requires scanning along the third dimension, which makes the process time-consuming, costly, and ineffective. One emerging solution to address this challenge and enable efficient 3D imaging is the so-called snapshot compressive imaging (SCI). In SCI solutions, the data-acquisition hardware is designed to capture an encoded 2D image that summarizes the full information contained in the 3D data cube. To develop fully practical and robust SCI solutions applicable in a wide range of applications, a novel theoretical framework is required that enables researchers to design and optimize i) the 3D to 2D projection step subject to the hardware constraints of the system, and ii) computationally efficient recovery algorithms that can reproduce a high-quality 3D data cube from a single 2D measurement. The main goal of this project is to provide such a theoretical platform that enables researchers to design, analyze, and optimize SCI systems.

More details on the project can be found on the NSF page:

Congratulations to Shirin!