ECE Capstone Expo Day and Top Ten Award Winners

We would like to congratulate this year’s senior students who participated in the ECE capstone program and their advisers for a job well done!

Over 200 students participated in this year capstone program, forming 55 teams. Our students’ capabilities, creativity, and engineering skills were reflected in this year projects.

Capstone Expo, held April 26th at the EE building hallways, was the culmination of the hard work our students put towards their capstone projects. A panel of 21 judges joint us today to identify the top ten projects. Our judges were very impressed with the quality of the projects and commended our students’ capabilities and enthusiasm. The capstone teams did a fantastic job and made us all proud!

Before we announce the top ten projects I would like to thank everyone involved with this year’s capstone program:

Many advisers undertook students’ guidance this year. We would like to thank the ECE faculty who supported the program and advisers inside and outside of Rutgers who contributed their time and effort to help our students. Their efforts and support is key to the success of our capstone program and the students’ learning experience.

We would like to thank the following industry advisors who worked with our students: Chris Marty (Two Sigma), Hubertus Franke (IBM), Don Bachman (ASCO Power Technology & 7x24 Exchange Metro New York Chapter), Jon Pucila(BlackRock), Daniel Arkins (BlackRock), Phillip Southard (Harris), Nagi Naganathan (Broadcom), and Samuel Ramrajkar. Thanks you to the ECE faculty who advised students. Special thanks to Rutgers advisers: Michael KornitasPavel ReyesJames HarringtonRichard HowardIvan Seskar and Mubasir Kapadia.

We could like to acknowledge the support of the following industry sponsors through funding and equipment donations: 7x24 Exchange Metro New York ChapterSiemensVerizon WirelessJP Morgan ChaseASCO Power Technology, and Qualcomm.

Many thanks to our panel of judges for their effort and time taken to support and celebrate our students’ achievements. The panel included: Kishore Ramachandran (Zipreel), Michael D. Kornitas (Rutgers), Chris Marty (Two Sigma), Hubertus Franke (IBM), Don Bachman (ASCO Power Technology), David Katz (Credit Suisse), Justine McLean (JP Morgan), Saravanan Kunju (JP Morgan), Jasmine Feng (JP Morgan), Phillip Southard (Harris), Nina Krikorian-Ezik (Harris), Rachel Hartmen (Harris), Jon Pucila (Blackrock), Daniel Arkins (Blackrock), Srinivas Bangalore (Interactions LLC), Ludwig Randazzo (Juniper), Craig Metcho (Bloom Energy), Parishad Karimi (Rutgers), Eric Wəngrowski (Rutgers), University, Nagi Naganathan (Broadcom), and Nazmul Islam (Qualcomm). Their expertise, care, and insights were priceless in making the hard decisions as for the top projects.

A very warm thank you to our wonderful ECE staff! Arletta HoscilowiczJohn ScafidiSteve OrbineOra TitusTea AkinsEvelyn Gora-Evans, and Abha Gandhi . As always, their commitment and hard work made this event and others happen. Many thanks to Samyuktha Nagesh and Alphy Jose who worked tirelessly to support the capstone program and to all the undergraduate students who helps with capstone events.

After hours of diligent work our panel of judges selected these top ten projects:

#1 place (awarded $700, sponsored by 7x24 Exchange Metro New York Chapter)
Project S17-34: English Leaps to Sign Language
Team members: Nicholas Frost, William Grant, Kien Nguyen, Parth Parikh
Advisor: Anand Sarwate

#2 place (awarded $500, sponsored by JP Morgan Chase)
Project S17-26: Real-Time Candlestick Pattern Recognition and Financial Analysis for Intraday & Short-Term Trading (C.P.R & F.I.S.T)
Team members: Subramhanya Shankara Prasad, Mehul Vora, Christopher Steinert, Andrew Chan, Brandon Dunlap
Advisors: Maryam DehnaviDaniel Arkins (BlackRock Inc.), and Jon Pucila (BlackRock Inc.)

#3 place (awarded $300, sponsored by Qualcomm)
Project S17-15: P2D: Physical to Digital Scanner App

Team members: Danica Sapit, Annie Antony, Nishtha Sharma, Gloria Leung
Advisor: Kristin Dana

#4 place ($100)
Project S17-35: Augmented Reality Assisted Cooking using Microsoft HoloLens
Team members: Alessandro Orsini, Glen Huang, Grisam Shah, Glen Huang, Niral Shah, Gautam Venkatesan
Advisor: Kristin Dana

#5 place ($100)
Project S17-55: Car Occupancy Reporter
Team members: Peri Akiva, Subu Shankar
Advisors: Ivan Seskar (WINLAB) and Hubertus Franke (IBM)

#6 place ($100)
Project S17-11: Parking Management
Team members: Daniel Maas, Jacob Voorhees, Nil Patel, Jasel Patel
Advisor: Vishal M. Patel

#7 place ($100)
Project S17-23: User Authenticated Smart Gun System
Team members: Cedric Blake, Vineet Sepaha, Brian Chu, Harshil Patel
Advisor: Phillip Southard (Harris)

#8 place ($100)
Project S17-49: ARM (Automated Retail Monitor)
Team members: Kevin Horlavadi, Govindaraj Muthukrisnan
Advisor: Hana Godrich

#9 place ($100)
Project S17-48: Design and Analysis of RF-Frequency Tuning Devices
Team members: Jinjing Han, Yifan Wu
Advisors: Yicheng Lu and Pavel Reyes

#10 place ($100)
Project S17-20: Solar-Powered Car Jumpstarter
Team members: Lee J. Matalon, Zachary Montone, Adam Plotzker
Advisors: Samuel Ramrajkar and Hana Godrich

Students Favorite Award (awarded $200, sponsored by Siemens)
Project S17-43: Smart Pet Food Box
Team members: Xiaoyi Tang, Feng Rong, Zhe Chang, Jingxuan Chen, Rong Zhang
Advisor: Hana Godrich

Community Awards will be published after Rutgers Day and will be awarded at Seniors reception on May 13. We would like to kindly invite everyone who participate in the capstone program to join us on Rutgers Day to represent the ECE department.

Congratulations to the students and advisors!!!

Prof. Hana Godrich
ECE Undergraduate Director