ECE Assistant Professor Umer Hassan receives ABioM 2023 Junior Investigator Research Award

ECE Assistant Professor Umer Hassan has received an Advanced Biomanufacturing  (ABioM) 2023 Junior Investigator Research Award. The Research award recognizes the junior investigators who have made significant research contributions to the field and have built a successful career in advanced biomanufacturing. The Research award was presented to Dr. Hassan at Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Advanced Biomanufacturing (ABioM) special interest group’s (SIG) 2023 meeting in Hyattsville, MD. The specific theme of the 2023 meeting was “Accelerating Advanced Biomanufacturing Through Discovery to Implementation.” Dr. Hassan was invited to present his group’s research in the area of “3D Printed, Portable Fluorescence Microscopy System for Single-Cell Imaging Enabling Automated Quality Assessment for Advanced Biomanufacturing”. The 2023 ABioM SIG meeting brought together policy makers, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, as well as educators to map the field and identify the grant challenges and opportunities within the field.
Congratulations to Umer!