Designing & Prototyping Standards-based Application Access to Clouds

ECE Assistant Professor Shantenu Jha is working on the design and prototype a standards-based interface to Cloud computing that is syntactically and semantically consistent with existing Grid computing interfaces, whilst extending Grid-based job and resource models.

This is a high-risk, short-term strategic project to design and prototype a global standards-based Access layer to Clouds, that bridges the divide between grids and clouds.

The project has elements of theory, software design and implementation, as well as engagement with the technical standards-development organization, thus it has elements which are not typical of research projects. However, the successful design, implementation and integration will have disproportionate impact, initially on the Cloud standards (and thus potentially on commercialization efforts) and ultimately on Scientific Applications (of the type that are common on our Campus) and their uptake of Distributed Computing Infrastructures, such as NSF funded FutureGrid and XSEDE.