Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium

Saman Zonouz received a grant from the Department of Energy for the project Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium. This is a joint grant with MIT, OSU, UIUC, TSU, WSU, Dartmouth, ANL, PNNL, ASU. The total budget is $22M for 5 years (Rutgers share: $500K)

The abstract is given below.

The threat to the power and oil & gas industries is real, and is growing. To get past the "react and patch" mode of responding to cyber intrusions, we need to find a way to transform cutting-edge research in EDS cyber security and resilience into technology in which industry chooses to invest that protects, detects, manages, and helps in recovery from cyber attacks. The overarching project objective is to identify and perform research and development to measurably increase the cyber-resiliency of energy delivery systems, particularly those for power, oil, and gas. We will accomplish those objectives, delivering both foundational and translational results that will enable the nation to achieve the goal of resilient energy delivery systems.