Athina Petropulu to lead IEEE Signal Processing Society

Athina Petropulu, Distinguished Professor of ECE, was elected President-Elect for the IEEE Signal Processing Society for the term 1 January 2020 through 31 December 2021.

This is the first time that the IEEE Signal Processing Society President-Elect was elected directly by the membership.

Founded as IEEE’s first society in 1948, the Signal Processing Society (SPS) is the world’s premier association for signal processing engineers and industry professionals. Its history spans almost 70 years, featuring a membership base of more than 19,000 signal processing engineers, academics, industry professionals and students spanning 100 countries worldwide. The Society organizes numerous conferences around the world every year, focusing on the innovations shaping the future of signal processing and the future of our world.

Signal processing (SP) is the brain of most technologies that have changed the course of history, e.g., the wireless phone, radars, virtual reality, robotics, video streaming, just to name a few. It is in the core of tools that have revolutionized our understanding of the world, such as data analytics, data modeling, machine learning. It is the key enabler in the emerging areas of smart and sustainable cities, biologically inspired systems, e-health, cybersecurity, quantum and other new forms of computing, self-driving vehicles, and advanced manufacturing. While all already in signal processing are well aware of the role SP has played and continues to play, the general public cannot easily relate to SP.

Athina Petropulu campaigned on building a mindshare of Signal Processing as the innovation engine of Science and Engineering and on expanding the talent pool interested in SP, while promoting quality and inclusion.

Congratulations to Athina on this professional recognition and the visibility it brings to the ECE department!