2019 ECE Capstone Expo Awards

A message from the Undergraduate Director, Dr. Hana Godrich:

Hello everyone,

Congratulation to this year’s senior students who participated in the ECE capstone program and their advisers for a job well done!

This year we had over 251 students participated in this year capstone program with 68 projects. Capstone Expo Day demonstrated our students’ exceptional capabilities, hard work, and enthusiasm. A panel of judges joint us to identify the top ten projects. Our judges were very impressed with the quality of the projects and commended our students’ capabilities and creativity. The capstone teams did a fantastic job and made us all proud!

Before we announce the top ten projects, I would like to thank everyone involved with this year’s capstone program:

Capstone advisers: Many undertook students guidance this year. We would like to thank the ECE faculty who supported the program and advisers inside and outside of Rutgers who contributed their time and effort to help our students. Their efforts and support are key to the success of our capstone program and the students learning experience. Thank you to all capstone advisers for your support!

Program sponsors: We would like to acknowledge the support of the following industry sponsors through funding: Siemens, Blackrock, JP Morgan Chase, Harris, 7x24 Exchange Metro New York Chapter, and Interactions.

Expo judges: Many thanks to our panel of judges for their effort and time taken to support and celebrate our students achievements. The panel included: Chris Marty (Two Sigma), Don Bachman (ASCO Power Technology), Nikhil Shenoy (Siemens), Ed Cordero (JP Morgan), David Schmied (JP Morgan), Jason Becker (JP Morgan), Nagi Naganathan (Broadcom), Hubertus Franke (IBM), Michael Kornitas (Rutgers), Joe Rambala (Harris), Soyab Khatumbra (Harris), Mike Dolan (Harris), Phillip Southard (Harris), Teddy Brown (Verizon Wireless), Jon Pucila (Blackrock), Daniel Arkins (Blackrock), Samuel Ramrajkar (Mars), Shahab Jalalvand (Interactions LLC), Minhua Chen (Interactions LLC), Ludwig Randazzo (Juniper), Akanksha Pathak (Verizon), Gihan Oraby (U.S. Army), Richard Huber (AT&T), Donald Levy (AT&T), Stephen Wilkus (Spectrum Financial Partners), Bill Marushak (Lutron), Erivelle Calderon (Trumpf), Robert Menna (Trumpf), Nagi Naganathan (Broadcom), Jane Luo (Qualcomm), Harry Heinold (Argo AI), Corey Norton (Rutgers), Batoul Ahmad Taki (Rutgers), Fatemeh Koochkig (Rutgers), Salim El Rouayheb (Rutgers), and Muhammad Asad Lodhi (Rutgers). Your expertise, care, and insights where priceless in making the hard decisions as for the top projects Expo

Speakers: Thank you to Dean Thomas Farris, Prof. Narayan Mandayam, Joe Rambala (VP & GM, Harris, class 86), and Akanksha Pathak (Verizon, class of 2018) for addressing our capstone class of 2019! It’s been inspiring to hear from our successful alumni and SOE and ECE leadership.

Staff: A very warm thank you to our wonderful ECE staff: Arletta Hoscilowicz, Pamela Heinold, John Scafidi, Kevin Wine, and Christopher Reid. As always, your commitment and hard work made this event happen. Many thanks to Diksha Prakash who worked tirelessly to support the capstone program around the year and to all the graduate and undergraduate students who helps with capstone events.

Awards: After hours of diligent work our panel of judges selected these top ten projects:


#1 place (awarded $600, sponsored by Siemens)

Project S19-32: Blind Walker

Team members: Christopher Favorito, Mahmoud Bachir, Brendan Li, Quentin Lester

Adviser: Prof. Kristin Dana


#2 place (awarded $400, sponsored by JP Morgan Chase)

Project S19-18: VINS: Visually Impaired Navigation System

Team members: Varun Bhandari, Angeline Jacob, Niharika Mishra, Sai Singanamala

Adviser: Prof. Hana Godrich


#3 place (awarded $300, sponsored by Harris)

Project S19-27: Sentinel: A Distracted Driving Warning System

Team members: Faith Johnson, Brooks Tawil, Deepti Upmaka

Adviser: Prof. Kristin Dana


#4 place ($100) Project S19-36: Smart Trash Can

Team members: Jake Rodin, Steven Coulter, Umama Ahmed, Yiwen Zhou


Adviser: Prof. Sheng Wei #5 place ($100) Project S19-08: Cough Classifier Application

Team members: Sherif Salem, Anushka Desai, Hagar Elshentenawy, Esraa Abdelmotteleb

Adviser: Prof. Mehdi Javanmard


#6 place ($100) Project S19-09: Smart Street

Team members: Mahmoud Emara, Michaela Csorny, Gavin Mckim

Adviser: Prof. Michael Caggiano


#7 place ($100) Project S19-46: RISC-V Processor & Applications on FPGA

Team members: Oz Bejerano, Jonathan Colella, Alex Riveron, Birane I. Toure, Jimmy Wen

Advisers: Prof. Philip Southard, Manoj Viswambharan, Saurabh Singh, Greg Mueller (Harris)


#8 place ($100) Project S19-13: Bluetooth Enabled Habit Reversal Smart Device

Team members: Lucine Kelly, Alice Balashova, Kyowan Kim, Siddharth Musale

Adviser: Janne Lindqvist


#9 place ($100) Project S19-38: Data Set Crawler for Multilingual ASR Engine

Team members: Mo Shi, Zekun Zhang, Ziqi Wang, Chaoji Zuo, Duc Le

Adviser: Dr. Shahab Jalavand (Interactions LLC)


#10 place ($100) Project S19-37: Emergency Ham: A Rapid Deployment Ham Network for Disaster Situations

Team members: Emilio Garcia, Vinay Shah

Adviser: Prof. Wade Trappe Best in Innovation Award (awarded $200, sponsored by 7x24 Exchange)


Project S19-68: EM Based Intrusion Detection for IoT Devices

Team members: Aarushi Gupta, Nicholas Clark, Fahad Alghamdi

Advisers: Prof. Athina Petropulu Best in Research Award (awarded $200, sponsored by Blackrock) Project S19-38: Data Set Crawler for Multilingual ASR Engine

Team members: Mo Shi, Zekun Zhang, Ziqi Wang, Chaoji Zuo, Duc Le

 Adviser: Dr. Shahab Jalavand (Interactions LLC)


Best in Social Impact (awarded $200, sponsored by Interactions LLC)

Project S19-32: Blind Walker Team members: Christopher Favorito, Mahmoud Bachir, Brendan Li, Quentin Lester

Adviser: Prof. Kristin Dana


Students Favorite Award I ($100) Project S19-39: Students Unite Team members: Dafna Shochat, Joseph Coleman, Nicolas Croce, Malay Shah

Adviser: Prof. Hana Godrich


Students Favorite Award II ($100) Project S19-20: Rutgers Transport on Google Home Team members: Arti Patel, Smruthi Srikumar, Souvik Ganguly, Krupa Patel, Kishan Patel Advisers: Prof. Maria Striki


Visitors Favorite Award I ($100) Project S19-64: Energy-Efficient Wireless Analog Sensors Team members: Delbert Bauldock, Danny Romero, Kevin Zarazua Advisers: Prof. Dario Pompili, Vidyasagar Sadhu


Visitors Favorite Award II ($100) Project S19-06: SmartLite Team members: Joseph Del Duca, Michael Spisak, Dax Dalwadi, Manthan Shah, Zeid Abdulrazeq Adviser: Prof. Hana Godrich 

Congratulations to the students and advisers!!!

All the best,