Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers

Welcome to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Rutgers University. These are very exciting times for Rutgers University in general and the ECE Department in particular. With the integration of the new medical school complete and membership in the Big Ten Academic Alliance established, Rutgers is now positioned as one of the most comprehensive public research universities in the country. Indeed, Rutgers University consistently ranks among the top public universities in the country and the world according to several published rankings. Equally exciting is our departmental news. Our faculty and students have made ECE at Rutgers into one the most vibrant departments, creating a community that fosters excellence in education and research. This excellence is reflected in the remarkable successes and outstanding achievements of both our students and faculty members alike. Consistent with this excellence, our student enrollment has grown dramatically with our sophomore class size at over 300 students (a 50% increase from the last year!) and the incoming graduate student class size at over 100 students.

The ECE department offers B.S. (with Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering options), M.S., and Ph.D. degrees, and boasts of world class faculty who specialize in the areas of nano electronic and optical materials, bioelectrical devices and sensors; computer vision; cyber physical systems; neuro imaging and modeling; signal and information processing; advanced internet and wireless networks; human-computer interaction, virtual reality, security and privacy; machine learning and data science; and high performance computing. The range of specialization spans from algorithms and theory to hardware and software, with technology that supports a wide spectrum of applications related to computing, communications, commerce, energy, medicine, safety and transportation. As such, the department is geared towards providing a holistic education and research experience for our students, including interdisciplinary opportunities.

Our senior faculty members are consistently recognized with several prestigious national and international honors including IEEE and ACM wide prizes and recognitions. Our junior faculty members are incredibly successful in winning young investigator awards from NSF, DARPA, ARO and other research agencies. The work of our faculty also attracts substantial media attention such as in the MIT Technology Review, Scientific American and other popular press, further highlighting the broader impact of our work. Our graduate students have garnered several best student paper awards at highly reputed conferences as well as prestigious competitive fellowships. Our undergraduate students have found remarkable success with their creativity and research acumen being rewarded with prizes such as for example at the HackHarvard Competition and the Department of Energy’s Cleantech University Prize. The success of ECE centers such as the world renowned WINLAB and research groups related to high performance computing, security and privacy, data science, computer vision, neuroimaging, biosensing and cyberphysical systems, is marked by a large number of external research grants from the NSF, NIH and defense research agencies such as DARPA, ARO, ONR as well as corporate grants.

Our connection with industry has grown stronger, with several companies providing student internships as well as partnering and mentoring the ECE senior capstone design program. ECE also remains one of the most sought after majors for employers from a broad spectrum of industry, with the fundamentals that ECE students are exposed to here making them versatile and productive employees from day one. The success of our alumni who continue to excel in their chosen careers be it as scholars, industry leaders or entrepreneurs, serves as a source of inspiration to our students and faculty.

I am very proud of the accomplishments highlighted in the following pages. Based on the trajectory, I see our department is on a path for even greater achievements in the coming years.

Narayan Mandayam
Department Chair and Associate Director of WINLAB
Electrical and Computer Engineering