Home Security System For Automatic Doors


Abdul Rattu

Prof. Michael Caggiano

Design a radio frequency identification door lock that will provide advance security with ease of use for home doors.

Home Security System for Automatic Doors provides an advance level security of today's standard for home owners. It will be used to open house doors/gates automatically just by scanning RFID tags wirelessly.

Hardware - Ardunio UNO, X-Bee Shield, RFID Module, Servo motor, Breadboard, Speaker, LCD panel.
Software - Arduino Environment, Java, VHDL/Verilog.

System Architecture
System is programmed into Arduino UNO Microcontroller. Arduino is attached with X-bee Wireless Shield & RFID Module Kit. Breadboard is being used to connect LCD panel and Speaker with Microcontroller.

How It Works
Users will have significantly portable RFID tags that they will scan at RFID antenna. Hardware will determine if the user is authorized or not and then it will proceed accordingly. In case of authorized user, speaker will make opening sound and door knob will rotate automatically otherwise speaker will make rejection noise with message on LCD.

Future Work
In the future there can be a smart phone app created and integrated to this system to allow access to guests when users will be away from home