Flexion-Defined Gesture Recognition Glove


Jennifer Shane
Marshall Siss
Austin Spadaro
Siva Yedithi

Profs. Kristin Dana and Chistopher Rose


We set out to create a set of gloves which, using flex sensors and pattern recognition algorithms, would interpret a set of gestures and then preform an action on an attached computer or cellphone based on that gesture.


This glove can be used to enact actions on a computer or phone based on the user’s gestures. The user is able to add (or remove) gestures and link those gestures to .bat files. These files are then run when the gesture is preformed at a later time. The user can save or load their gestures on or from the computer onto the glove. This allows users to create profiles for their specific needs. This can be used to open/use programs while doing other activities.