Enhanced Wireless Audio Amplifier


Evan Foxman
Chihwei Ching
Xiang Lin
Bryan Garofalo
Matthew Moccaro

Prof. Walling



Our design of a wireless amplifier was to take the idea behind an amplifier and give it wireless properties to send audio signals from a central base station to speakers around a room. We decided to use Bluetooth over Wi-Fi in this regard. Although Bluetooth suffers from lower bit rates than Wi-Fi, the device pairing aspect of Bluetooth makes it a better choice for our application. Our setup has an audio player and a Bluetooth module on the source end, which transmits the audio signal to another Bluetooth module on the receiving end. The receiving end then passes the transmitted audio signal to an amplifier and then finally to a speaker. The volume of the audio file can be modulated through the use of a potentiometer as it passes through the amplifier. By creating this design, this would allow the user to place their speaker anywhere within a 10-meter radius of the base station without the hassle of wiring up the speaker to the base station.