Easy Power


Avinash Oza
Aakash Patel
Mozam Todiwala
Rylan Uherek

Prof. Manish Parashar


- Save energy by knowing your power bill over the course of a month
- Track usage of whole house remotely
- As a power company, have up-to-the-minute information on power usage of customers, and determine revenue

Backend & Architecture

- Current Transducers to sense power usage via Ampere’s Law
- Website: Django Framework (Python MVC web framework hosted on Apache / MySQL) to store user data, power usage reports, etc.
- PHP Script for Arduino device to connect to the website
- Android app is a wrapped version of the desktop site, packaged into APK file
- Uses Google Graphs Interface for graphing
- Administrative panel to manage users & reporting devices (not shown)
- Power estimation based on user trends
- Up-to-the-minute usage reports

Arduino Device

- Transducer designed to sense current from 0-200A
- Arduino converts current into estimated power
- Within 5% accuracy of device actual usage (tested via ‘Kill-A-Watt’) Backend & Architecture

Cost and Conclusion

- Approximately $110 to build power monitoring device, free to connect to architecture
- Fairly accurate, & can connect to whole house
- Successful project; could improve on staff portal design in future, device accuracy, and usage alert system to alert users at custom thresholds