Danger Ball


Edward Young Lee
Shaun Kotikalapudi
Neeraj Venkatesan
Benjamin Montone

Prof. Chris Rose


Human lives are quite fragile in hostile and hazardous environments. The evolution in technology that protects and saves human lives in these situations is of the highest importance. In military and emergency response settings, soldiers and emergency personnel put their lives at stake in order to ensure the safety of others. Usually when a building needs to be cleared in a hostile environment, the soldier has little to no information about layout or shape of the rooms. A similar situation arises, when emergency responders enter a potentially hazardous environment to check for survivors. The device will use several sensors and cameras and the data collected by all of the devices will be transmitted wirelessly to a processing station, which would fuse the data to provide a cohesive representation of the state of the room environment. This could potentially save lives when entry into a hazardous building is required.