Cooking with Friends


Jared Knoblauch
Scott Dwarnick

Prof. Manish Parashar


Cooking With Friends is an easy-to-use Android app that helps chefs create, find, and share recipes. The app utilizes the networking features of mobile devices to allow users to connect their kitchens to the online world. It also has several features useful to chefs, like an ingredient list and a store of all the users favorite recipes. The app is designed to be very responsive, easy to use, and lightweight, and can be used by first-time cooks
and professional chefs alike.


●Online Search: Search many recipes posted by other app users based on criteria such as recipe author, title, or ingredients
●Recipe Creator: Create recipes with an easy-touseinterface designed specifically for mobile devices, then post the recipe to the internet for others to view and rate
●MyKitchen Tab: Keep track of all the ingredients you currently are in posession, with the ability to update ingredients after purchase/use
● Social Networking: Send friends request to otherchefs to have easy access to their created and favorite recipes
●Recommendation Provider: Get recommendations for new recipes based on your “taste profile”, which can be compiled based on your preferred ingredients, preferred recipes, or friend favorites


Our application uses a client-server architecture to provide access to all of the users information at any time, given an internet connection. The Android client-side application was designed using the Android Development Kit. The app uses JSON-formatted HTTP requests to send data between itself and the web server. The server uses PHP scripts to access a MySQL database for all queries, whether the be recipes, ingredients, or friends.