Capstone Resources

Poster Information:

Most capstone and research posters are created using Microsoft PowerPoint. Using PowerPoint you can create one slide with dimensions of 44"x34". Look at posters from previous years to get ideas for your poster. Most posters consist of a header with title and author information at the top, and 2 or 3 columns below explaining the project or research work.

Search online with Google for "how to create a poster using Microsoft PowerPoint" for more information and video tutorials on creating posters.

Remember to change your page size to 44" x 34" (E-size) and save your poster file in PDF format.

Instead of PowerPoint, other software can be used to design your poster including Photoshop, Gimp, Publisher, PageMaker, Word and others. Be sure to save your poster file in a PDF format.

The ECE Department has a large format plotter and will print your Capstone or Research posters. The plotter only accepts PDF format. The posters will be printed on E-size paper (44" x 34") and can be either landscape or portrait format. The ECE Department also has foam boards to mount your posters and display easels for your poster.

Sample PowerPoint template that can be used to create your capstone poster. Students can use this template as a starting point and modify it to suit their projects.