Capstone Design 2012

The Capstone Design Courses are senior-level project design courses that require students to use all their Electrical and Computer Engineering courses to solve a real-world engineering problem or develop a viable product. With the mentoring of the Capstone Course Advisor, this course integrates all the Electrical and Computer Engineering academic studies with an open-ended design project.
The 2012 winners are:
  1.  "Green Water" - C. Alano, A. Chopyk, D. Tulchinsky, Thomas Merichko, Ryan Purdom, Advisor P. Panayotatos
  2.  "Rainfall Sensing Adaptive Systems" - W. Aljabowbi, O. Kotzias, D. Poznykov, V. Samokin, Advisor D. Pompili
  3.  "Piano-Playing Lego Mindstorm NXT Robot with iPhone" - Alvin Liao, Ronald Orozco, Advisor K. Dana
Below is a list of all advisor-nominated Capstone Design Projects for 2012.


Title Abstract Poster Website  
EMG Vocalizer Abstract Poster    
EZ- Access Automation Systems Abstract Poster    
Gesture-Controlled Smartphone Abstract Poster    
Night Owl: A Quantitative Sleep Journal Abstract Poster    
Rain Sensing Network Abstract Poster    
Thermal-Aware Virtual Machine Provisioning to Minimize Energy Usage Abstract Poster    
Automated Object Locating System Abstract Poster    
Piano Playing Lego Mindstorm NXT Robot with iPhone Abstract Poster    
Optical Music Recognition Application Abstract      
MimBot: Gesture-Imitating Robotic System Abstract Poster    
Mobile Video Identification Abstract Poster    
Use of Color and Pattern Features ... Similar Coral Reef Fish Species ... Abstract Poster    
Wan Accelerators: Optimizing Network Traffic with Compression   Poster    
Mortgage Assistant: Navigating The Mortgage Maze Abstract Poster Website  
Solid State Lighting with Blue Laser Diodes Abstract Poster    
Enhanced Wireless Audio Amplifier Abstract Poster    
Virtual Foosball Table Abstract Poster    
Smart Room   Poster Website  
The Brain App Abstract Poster    
The Refrigerlator Abstract Poster    
Cognitive Radio Communications   Poster    
Rutgers Android Application Abstract Poster Website  
Green Water Abstract Poster    
Applying Swarm Intelligence to Robots Abstract Poster Website  
Tamagotchi Capstone Project Abstract Poster Website  
RUCATS - Rutgers University Capstone Automated Task Scheduler   Poster Website