The Brain App


Mrunal Shah
Richard Roman

Prof. David Daut

Project Motivation:
Currently there exists no technology that allows communication just by thinking. We wanted to make an application that would allow people to just think and convert their brain waves into tangible actions. Through this project we wanted to introduce a new medium and a new way to interact with surroundings just by using Brain waves. People from all
walks of life would benefit from such a project.

For example: Paralytic people can establish two way communications with someone living far away.

Also you can control appliances in your house just by thinking (In our project we are controlling our television just by thinking).

Method/Approach: We procured Emotiv Epoch Headset, which is an EEG headset that reads potential difference between different parts of the brain and using signal processing outputs P300 brain waves which can further interpreted to know what the person is thinking. We take the signals from Emotiv headset and pass it through our custom
software to decide what emotions or brain patterns are coming from the headset .Using Twitter API; we send this message over the internet so that it can be read by anyone with a twitter account.

For the second part of our project we are controlling television just by thinking. Similar to the first part, through our custom software we decide what signals are coming out of the headset and decide what actions the person is trying to achieve on their television ( ON/OFF or Volume Up /Volume down) , we take this interpretation and send specific television instructions to communicate with TV using Arduino Microcontroller.

Result: We have successfully finished our project and have been able to communicate with Television just by thinking.

Also we have been successful in achieving two way communications just by thinking, in which person thinks of a certain message and we send that message as a pre-defined tweet over the internet to someone far away. Also person getting the tweet can reply back by tweeting which in turn makes LED’s on protoboard to go on/off depending on the message being sent.