Grigore Burdea

Professor Emeritus


Phone:(848) 445-5309
Office:CoRE 721


B.E./M.E. (Valedictorian) TCB, Bucharest 1980
M.S. Applied Science, New York University, 1985
Ph.D. Applied Science (Robotics), New York University, 1987


  • 2013 Invited Speaker. Second International Symposium on Neurorehabilitation, March, Spain.
  • 2012 Invited Speaker, Diaspora 2012, September, Romania.
  • 2011 Invited Speaker, Center for Functional Rehabilitation, June, France.
  • 2010 Invited Speaker, 1st Workshop on Scientific Computing in Health Applications, Petropolis, Brazil.
  • 2009 Invited Speaker, International Symposium on Neurorehabilitation, Valencia, Spain, October.
  • 2009 Keynote Speaker, Virtual Rehabilitation 2009 Int. Conference, Haifa, Israel, June (18 countries).
  • 2008 Keynote Speaker, Intuition 2008, the 5th International Conference, October 7, Torino, Italy.
  • 2008 - 2011 Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering.
  • 2008 - pres. Founder, Treasurer and CEO, the International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation (
  • 2008 - pres. Founder and Director, Rutgers Tele-Rehabilitation Institute (
  • 2007 Keynote Speaker, 2nd Advance Study Institute, June, Crete, Greece.
  • 2007 Keynote Speaker, Symposium Virtual Reality 2007, May, Petropolis, Brazil.
  • 2007 Keynote Speaker, Virtual Rehabilitation Conference, University of Alberta, Canada.
  • 2007 Guest Editor, Special Issue on Virtual Rehabilitation, IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering
  • 2006 General Chair and Organizer, 5th Int. Workshop Virtual Rehabilitation, New York, (15 countries);
  • 2005 Keynote Speaker, Virtual Rehabilitation Conference, May 27, University of Alberta, Canada.
  • 2005 Invited Speaker, NIH/DARPA/DOE/NSF Conference on Research Opportunities: Translating Innovative Technologies for Pediatric Critical Care and Rehabilitation
  • 2004 Guest Editor, Special Issue on Virtual Rehabilitation, Presence, MIT Press;
  • 2003 General Chair, Second Intern. Workshop on Virtual Rehabilitation, USA (15 countries);
  • 2003 Keynote Address, Symposium on Real World Information Systems, University of Tokyo, Japan;
  • 2002 Keynote Address, First Intern. Workshop on Virtual Rehabilitation, Lausanne, Switzerland;
  • 2002 - pres. Fellow, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering;
  • 2000 Keynote Address at "Virtual Reality International Conference 2000", Laval, France;
  • 2000 Keynote address at the NATO Workshop on ``What is Essential for Virtual Reality to Meet Military Human Performance Goals?", the Hague, Netherlands.
  • 2000 General Chairman of ``IEEE Virtual Reality 2000 Conference," 500 participants from more than 25 countries.
  • 1999 Keynote address at the International Scientific Workshop on Virtual Reality and Prototyping, Laval, France.
  • 1998 - 1999 President Clinton's "Blue Book", selected as one of significant research projects by the National Science and Technology Council.

Research Interests

Virtual Rehabilitation
Virtual Reality