14:332:496, 497 Co-Op Internship in ECE

Course Catalog Description : Intended to provide a capstone experience to the student's undergraduate studies by integrating prior coursework into a working electrical and computer engineering professional environment. Credits granted only for a continuous, six-month, full-time assignment.

Pre-Requisite: Consent of Undergraduate Director 

Co-Requisite courses: None

Information for Students: The following conditions apply. 

  • Student should not be on academic probation. 
  • Student should have completed a minimum of 90 credits with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better. 
  • Student should have completed a minimum of 40 credits in the major with a major cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better. 
  • In order to earn credit, the student must be working on a specified and approved project. Initially, a one-page or so description of the project and an application form appropriately filled must be submitted for approval to the Undergraduate Director. Additionally, the student must have a faculty advisor as well as an industrial advisor who will supervise the student. At the end of the project, a technical report must be written, and a copy of it must be submitted to the Undergraduate Director as well as to the industrial advisor who together decide whether the student is to receive a passing grade or not. 
  • The 6 credit Co-Op Internship would replace two technical electives.