14:332:417 Control Systems Design

Course catalog description: Design methods for controllers of linear time-invariant systems using Bode diagrams, root locus, pole placement, and observer techniques.  Linear-quadratic optimal controllers and Kalman filters.  Design techniques for controllers of nonlinear systems based on linearization, first and second method of Lyapunov, describing function method.  Observers for nonlinear systems and the extended Kalman filter.

Credits and contact hours: 3 credits; 1 hour and 20-minute session twice a week, every week

Pre-Requisite courses: 14:332:345

Co-Requisite courses: None  

Topics Covered:

  • Control System Design Specifications
  • Classical Controller Design Based on Root Locus Technique
  • PI, PD, PID, Phase-Lead and Phase-Lag Controllers
  • Classical Controller Design Based on Bode Diagrams
  • State Space Approach for Control System Design, 
  • System Controllability and Observability
  • System State Feedback Pole Placement Technique
  • Full Order Observer Design and Reduced Order Observer Design
  • Continuous- and Discrete-Time Linear-Quadratic Optimal Deterministic Regulator Problem
  • Kalman Filter and Optimal Stochastic Regulator
  • Discrete-Time Observer and Discrete-Time Kalman Filter, Hourly 
  • Quantitative Behavior of Nonlinear Systems, Stability by the First and Second Methods of Lyapunov
  • Linearization of Nonlinear Systems and Controlling Nonlinear Systems: Extended Separation Principle, Linearization about a Set Point, Extended Linearization, Feedback Linearization
  • Describing Function Method and Observers for Nonlinear Systems

Textbook: Gajic, Z. and Lelic, M., Modern Control Systems Engineering, Prentice-Hall.

Other supplemental material: Friedland, B., Advanced Control System Design, Prentice Hall.