14:332:393 Professionalism and Ethics

Course catalog description: An undergraduate seminar on the topics of Entrepreneurship, Ethics, and Professionalism.

Credits and contact hours: 1 credit; 80-minute session, every week.

Pre-Requisite courses: Junior standing

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Trolley-ology and Moral Dilemmas
  • (Speaker) ConnieWu, Engineering and Patent Information Specialists at LSM: Patent and Trademark Searches
  • Moral Dilemmas
  • (Speaker) Deborah Silver, Executive Director-Professional Science Master’s Program and Professor in ECE: Life-Long Learning
  • (Speaker) Larry Jacobs: Resume Writing and Preparing for the 21st C Job Interview: Career Development Specialist at Rutgers University
  • (SPEAKER) Regina Efimchik, Director of Professional Development Studies:
  • Introduction to Public Speaking: Interactive class
  • (VIDEO) Truth on Trial: Ethics in America 
  • Corporate Ethics: Wells Fargo Scandal; Ford Pinto/Tylenol Scare
  • (Speaker) Hana Godrich, Undergraduate Director and Coordinator of the Capstone Project in ECE: Preparing for the Capstone Project
  • (Speaker) Richard Frenkiel: Your Financial Future I
  • (Speaker) Richard Frenkiel: Your Financial Future II
  • Setting and Attaining Goals

Textbook: None

Other supplemental material: Material supplied by the instructor.