14:332:345 Linear Systems and Signals

Course catalog description: Introduction to continuous- and discrete-time systems and signals, basis function representation of signals, convolution, Fourier Series, Fourier, Laplace, Z-transform theory, state space variable analysis of linear systems, basic feedback concepts.

Credits and contact hours: 3 credits; 1 hour and 20-minute session twice a week, every week

Pre-Requisite courses: 14:332:222, 14:332:224, (01:640:244 or 01:640:252 or 01:640:292)

Co-Requisite courses: 14:332:347

Topics Covered:

  • Mathematical background; Time vs. Frequency domains; Common signals and delta impulse function 
  • Fourier series 
  • Fourier transform and its properties 
  • Fourier transforms of common signals 
  • Laplace transform and its properties 
  • The inverse Laplace transform; Applications of the Laplace Transform 
  • The z-transform and its properties 
  • Continuous-time linear systems; Discrete-time linear systems 
  • Convolution of continuous- and discrete-time signals 
  • Impulse and step system responses 
  • State space representation of continuous-time systems 
  • State space representation of discrete-time systems 
  • Stability of continuous- and discrete-time systems 
  • System controllability, observability, and basic feedback concepts

Textbook: Z. Gajic, Linear Dynamic Systems and Signals, Prentice-Hall.

Other supplemental material: class notes