14:332:322 Principles of Communication Systems

Course catalog description: Analog Communication, Random processes and Noise, Quantization, Digital Communication

Credits and contact hours: 3 credits; 1 hour and 20-minute session twice a week, every week

Pre-Requisite courses: 14:332:226, 14:332:345.

Co-Requisite courses: None

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction and Linear Systems Review       
  • AM Modulation/Demodulation/Receivers, Multiplexing
  • FM Modulation/Demodulation/Receivers, Multiplexing
  • Noise Characterization, Noise in AM/FM Systems
  • Sampling and PAM, Probability Review
  • Simple Quantization, Convexity, Loyd-Max Quantization
  • Delta Modulation, Adaptive Modulation
  • Probability review, Basic Stochastic Processes  
  • Gaussian Processes and LTI systems, Quiz II 
  • Matched Filters, Hypothesis tests and BER 
  • Orthogonality and Signal Space
  • Optimum Receivers, Distance-Based Decoding
  • Digital Modulation Menagerie

Textbook: Fundamentals of Communication Systems, Edition 2 by Proakis and Salehi from Prentice Hall