14:332:223 Principles of Electrical Engineering I Laboratory

Course catalog description: Experimental exercises in use of laboratory instruments. Voltage, current, impedance, frequency, and waveform measurements. Rudiments of circuit modeling and design.

Credits and contact hours: 1 credit; Bi-weekly 3-hour laboratory.

Pre-Requisite courses: (01:640:152 or 01:640:154 or 01:640:192) and (01:750:124 or 01:750:116 or 01:750:201 or 01:750:203 or 01:750:271)

Co-Requisite courses: (01:640:251 or 01:640:291) and 14:332:221

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to LTSpice
  • Study of Power Supplies, and Simple circuit experiments
  • Study of function generators, and oscilloscopes
  • Proportionality, Superposition, Thévenin, and Maximum Power Transfer theorems
  • Study of operational amplifier circuits
  • Sinusoidal steady state analysis: Integrating and differentiating amplifiers, and operational amplifiers in AC Steady state analysis

Textbook: J W. Nilsson and S. A. Riedel, Electric Circuits, Prentice Hall