14:332:222 Principles of Electrical Engineering II

Course catalog description: Passive and active filter circuit design, Butterworth filter design, transient analysis by classical methods and by Laplace Transform analysis, step and impulse response, two-port networks, Introduction to Fourier Series, three phase circuits.

Credits and contact hours: 3 credits; 1 hour and 20-minute session twice a week, every week

Pre-Requisite courses: 14:332:221 and 14:332:223 and (01:640:251 or 01:640:291) and (01:750:227) and (01:750:229)

Co-Requisite courses: (01:640:244 or 01:640:252 or 01:640:292); 14:332:224

Topics Covered:

  • Frequency selective circuits. Frequency response. Bode diagrams. phase angle plots.
  • Parallel and series resonant circuits, filter circuits, frequency response of Op Amp circuits.
  • Distortion in filter circuits, Active filter circuit design, design project.
  • Butter-Worth filter design.
  • Introduction to transient response of circuits, solution to 1st order differential equations, RL and RC with independent and dependent sources; Sequential switching.
  • Differential equations for circuits with two energy storage elements, solution of the 2nd order differential equations, roots of characteristic equation in the complex plane, Complete response of RLC series and parallel circuits, state variable approach, and frequency response. 
  • Unit Step and Impulse functions.
  • Laplace Transforms and its properties.
  • Inverse Laplace transforms, partial fraction expansions.
  • Analysis of circuits in Laplace domain, step and impulse response. 
  • Analysis of two-port networks.
  • Fourier series.

Textbook: J W. Nilsson and S. A. Riedel, Electric Circuits, Prentice Hall