Rutgers University

Electrical & Computer Engineering

The State University of New Jersey

About Rutgers

· The eighth oldest University of the USA (Charted 1766 as Queen’s College)

· Main campus spreads over New Brunswick and Piscataway

· Selman A. Waksman (Rutgers College '15), Nobel Prize winner in 1952, coined the name “Antibiotics.”

· Richard H. Frenkiel contributed to the creation of cellular phone systems; and Peter Schultz was a co-inventor of low-loss optic fibers at Corning. Both alumni received the National Medal of Technology.

· David Stern (Rutgers college 1963), NBA Commissioner

· Randal Pinkett (BS EE 1994, Rutgers), Rhodes Scholar, Donald Trump’s Apprentice 2005

· First intercollegiate football game (November 6, 1869): Rutgers vs. Princeton, 6:4 ... well, well, well...

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About New Jersey

· The Garden State

· IEEE Operational Headquarter is located in Piscataway.

· The first light bulb was made by Thomas A. Edison in Menlo Park  in 1879 and the first movie by Edison in West Orange in 1889—just two of the numerous inventions he made in two New Jersey towns.

· Transistors and numerous other remarkable inventions/discoveries were made by Bell Labs researchers in those “golden years” in New Jersey  towns: Murray Hill, Crawford Hill, Holmdel, …

· The first organized baseball game was played in Hoboken in 1846, and the first professional basketball game in Trenton in 1896.

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