Software Engineering Project:   Virtual Biology Lab Experiment  

Detailed descriptions for two project are available:

  1. Cell division (Mitosis)
  2. Spectrophotometer
Also see the book   Problem 2.21; Problem 3.4; plus solutions on the back of the book.

The key challenges in these projects are:

  1. Realistic simulation of the actual lab: The current designs available on here present only a “success scenario” for developing the virtual lab. The virtual lab rigidly drives the student through a sequence of steps to a successful completion of the lab. However, in real labs the student can make mistakes or follow “blind alleys”. To support student learning, the virtual lab should mimic the real world, allow the student to make the same mistakes and then recover from the mistakes and successfully complete the lab.
  2. Grading based on tracking the student’s performance: All student actions should be tracked and summarized in a single number that reflects student’s understanding of the lab material. This number will be presented to the biology course instructor for grading.
The developers should look for ingenious ways to tackle these challenges.

These lab descriptions are courtesy of Rutgers Department of Biology   —   General Biology     01:119:101

Download Materials

Old biology labs ZIP document
also available here.

Also check a related paper: ViBE: Virtual biology experiments, by R. Subramanian and I. Marsic

Fall 2012 Semester

Group #5: Spectrophotometer Laboratory

Developed in the Fall 2012 semester by Bingbing Xu, Chao Han, Junwei Zhao, and Xueyuan Song

Project report #3 (final), group #5b, Fall 2012
[PDF document; size: approx 4.6 MBytes]

Project files, in case you want to install the full software locally on your computer.
[ZIP file; size: approx 20 MBytes]

Spring 2012 Semester

Group #5: Cell Division Laboratory

Developed in the Spring 2012 semester by Cady Motyka, Michael DiLalo, Nicholas Guida, Ryan Cullinane, Steven Lu, and Kevin Miller

Project report #3 (final), group #5, Spring 2012
[PDF document; size: approx 3.5 MBytes]

Spring 2007 Semester

Developed in the Spring 2007 semester by Manish Chandrasekhar, Emad Kazerani, Raul Lasluisa, Anirudh Sirohi, Michael Snihur, Nakul Suvarnakar, and Chi-Ho Yu

Click here to run the demo of the Mitosis Lab   (you need Adobe Flash Player).

Project report #3 (final), Spring 2007
[Word document; size of the ZIP file: approx 3 MBytes]

Project files, in case you want to install the full software locally on your computer.
Developed using Adobe Flex and Adobe ActionScript
[ZIP file; size: approx 95 KBytes]  — Contains the following files:

Potential Implementation Technologies


Flex Developer Center

[PDF] Tutorial Series: Getting Started with Flex 2 Beta 3

Adobe - Developer Center: Flex 2: Enabling the Next Generation of ...

Adobe - Flex 2.0 FAQ

[PDF] Getting started with Flex 2

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