Computer Networks Wireshark Projects  

All projects will be done using Wireshark, a free and open-source packet analyzer.
Download it, install on your computer and search for online tutorials and other handy information.
A good starting point is the Wikipedia page.
You may also find useful these materials for Wireshark Labs (see the bottom table on the page).

Project 1:  Writing Wireshark filter expressions for packet capture

Project 2:  Using ping for RTT distribution and tracert for route discovery

Project 3:  Analysis of RTP and RTCP Packets

Project 4:  Analysis of RTP packet delay and loss

Note: Examples of student project reports will be made available to course instructors upon request ( send email ).

Related Online Information

Hakin9 Magazine,   vol.3, no.1, issue 01/2014(16) ISSN: 1733-7186
Whole issue dedicated to Wireshark.   [local copy]

♦ Also, rich feature set of Wireshark explored in Hakin9 On Demand, 07/2012

Five free, dead-easy IP traffic monitoring tools
By Jack Wallen | September 21, 2011

  1. Wireshark:
  2. Angry IP Scanner:
    Source code is available on the download page
  3. Zenmap:
    (graphical front end to the cross-platform Nmap tool)
  4. Colasoft Capsa Free:
  5. EtherApe:

Use Wireshark to inspect packets on your network
By Scott Reeves | September 25, 2012
Illustrates how you can use Wireshark to inspect packets, looking specifically at various points in the OSI layer, to troubleshoot network issues.

Using the flow graph feature on Wireshark
By Scott Reeves | October 23, 2012
Demonstrates the flow graph feature of the Wireshark tool, which can help you check connections between client server, finding timeouts, re-transmitted frames, or dropped connections.

Use jperf and Wireshark for troubleshooting network issues
By Scott Reeves | September 5, 2012
Explains how to use jperf to simulate a TCP or UDP connection and then use Wireshark to analyze the traffic in order to help pinpoint network issues.

Obtaining network information with netstat
By Vincent Danen | January 31, 2011
Offers some tips for getting the most network information possible from the netstat utility as a root user on Linuxs.

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