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Homework Assignment #1:   Technical Analysis os Stock Prices

Read Section 1.3.2 Case Study 2: Personal Investment Assistant in the course lecture notes. Also visit these websites:

Visit Yahoo! Finance to examine basic technical analysis for different stocks (under the menu INVESTING, select the option Market Stats). For example, see here the basic indicators for Bank of America, ticker symbol BAC.

Search the web for description of trends, indicators, and patterns used in technical analysis. Example patterns include:

Write an essay describing some of these (or other) patterns and indicators. (I hope that different students will select different patterns, but this is not required.) When describing the patterns, discuss the trading volume associated with the pattern, not only the stock prices. For each pattern, state the time scale over which the pattern is applicable (e.g., minutes, days, months, years), or is the pattern scale-independent (i.e., can be applied over any time scale)?

Every student should submit an individual essay. The essay should have a cover page containing the student's name, the essay title, the course name, and the submission date. References should be listed at the end to credit the sources (books, articles, URLs, etc.). The essay can be up to 5 pages long, and should be emailed as a PDF document by the due date, no later than 3:00 PM.

It is acceptable to use copyrighted images or diagrams from websites in your essay as long as you properly acknowledge the source and give the exact URL where you found those images or diagrams. Please include the entire URL, not just the company website. For example if you use a diagram from this website, then cite the full URL as:
rather than only:

Note About Assignment Submission Format:

When submitting your homework assignments, please use only the following file formats:


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