Software Engineering of Web Applications

Electronic Project Archive --  (due date given here)

1. The e-Archive Format

Each group should submit an electronic medium (no printouts accepted!), such as CD-ROM, Zip disk, or DVD disk, containing everything that is necessary to evaluate and run your software. You can also collect all files in one and submit by email. Please use the ZIP or gzip compression software. (Please do not use the RAR file format.) The required contents are as follows:
  1. "README" file containing all folder/directory names and for each folder a brief description about its content. Please submit a plain text file (file extension .txt)
  2. Single PDF file of the final project report. (Please do not send Word files or any other word-processing format—only PDF!)
    Here is a PDF writer you can use in MS Windows. Apple Macs automatically convert postscript to PDF by clicking on the file icon. There are UNIX utilities that convert postscript to PDF for Linux users; make sure you include all fonts in the created PDF.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint file containing any slides you used for your presentation,   first demo and/or the final demo.
  4. Complete project source code (Java files, or other programming or markup language, if such is used)
  5. Images or button icons loaded by the program when run
  6. Shell-scripts, CGI scripts, HTML files, and any and all other files needed to run the program
  7. Database tables and files or plain files containing example data to run the program
  8. Anything else that your program requires to be run?
    (Do not include publicly available or commercial software such as Java JDK packages or database software. We should not need special commercial software to run your software. )
Please store different information into different directories/folders. For example, your directory tree may look like this ("README" file is in the root folder):
    +-----> doc           // documentation plus filan report, presentation slides, etc.
    +-----> design        // UML diagrams
    +--+--> code          // project code
       +-------> java     // Java source code
       +-------> classes  // compiled Java classes
       +-------> images   // images and button icons
       +-------> data     // (database) files with example data
       +-------> run      // scripts and/or HTML files

Each source code file should have at the top information about the student who authored it or assisted in writing and debugging the code, something like:

  // written by:
  // assisted by:
  // debugged by:
  // etc.
The code will be compared with the diagrams in Report #3. The class, attribute and method names should exactly match. It is not necessary that these are consistent with Reports #1 & #2 since Report #3 revises and overrides the previous two. However, it is critical that the final UML diagrams in Report #3 and the final code are consistent.

2. Software Coding Standards

The source code should be neat and well documented. This is in your best interest so that all group members can seamlessly collaborate on the project. Please refer to the following web site for Java coding standards guide:

Another set of coding standards is given here:

A major factor in grading will be how well the code corresponds to the UML diagrams. The class names, operation names, and attribute names should exactly match. Put emphasis on consistency, neatness, and completeness. For example, all exceptions should be properly handled. Do not just catch an exception with empty braces: catch(Exception ex) { }.

3. Grading

Note that only negative points will be given if the eArchive/EPA is missing or poorly prepared. The project e-Archive can reduce the overall grade by 10 % if missing or poorly prepared.

4.   e-Archive Submission

Each team should submit only one e-Archive on or before the due date. Submission deadline: 5:00 p.m. on the due date.

Make sure that the electronic media (CD-ROM or Zip disk or ...) is not damaged and can be read on a regular PC.

The project report materials will not be returned, so make sure to keep your own copy of the e-Archive.

Ivan Marsic
Wed May 7 15:26:55 EDT 2008