16:332:568            Software Engineering of Web Applications

Group Project, Assignment #4

Developing the Web Service Skeleton

Your task is to define precisely the interface for your Web service. The process is described in the course lecture notes, Section 8.5 Developing Web Services with Axis. The interface given in Listing 8-4 and Figure 8-18(b) serves only as an example. The actual interfaces should be based on this example and should extend/modify it, but every team should invest effort to come up with their own interface for the Web service.
All students are strongly encouraged to read the entire Chapter 8 for better understanding of Web services. Also check online links for Web services for additional information. You can use Apache Axis or any other platform that you find suitable for developing Web services.

Once you are done, submit by email the following files:

  1. Java source code of your Web service interface
  2. WSDL document generated using Java2WSDL
  3. All files (the entire folder) generated using WSDL2Java
  4. Both original and modified Java code of the file ____SoapBindingImpl.java that calls your server implementation code
  5. Text document "README" that briefly describes which file or folder contains what

Note: Should you wish to consider technologies other than Java or Apache Axis, here are some options:

In this case, please keep in mind these two things:
  1. The department administrators will not be able to provide support
  2. I am familiar with Java but not with other technologies. In order to facilitate my reading and grading of your reports you should invest extra effort to explain how that other technology works—you should write an equivalent of Section 8.5 Developing Web Services with Axis, so that I can understand your solution and grade it appropriately.

Submission deadline: no later than 5:00 PM on the due date given here.
( Note: Keep all the source code and documentation because you will need it for future deliverables on your group project. )


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