16:332:568            Software Engineering of Web Applications

Group Project, Assignment #1

Downloading Stock Information and Storing it in a Relational Database

Download from Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance or any other site that provides online stock market quotes.

Your task is to develop the application that runs continuously as a background process and periodically retrieves stock information, parses the received responses, and stores the extracted parameters into a local relational database. You may wish to use MySQL or check PostgreSQL, claimed to be the world’s most advanced open source database. Check also PostgreSQL at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Check the source code of the projects from Spring 2008, available here.
You are welcome to reuse the example source code, but you should document and describe it properly as part of your project report. Your documentation should improve upon the documentation provided by the previous year’s report.

Each group should email a single ZIP file (ZIP, not .RAR)) containing the following:

  1. the source code of the application
  2. the database schema
  3. the data collected so far (database dump)
  4. a  README.txt  document explaining how to install and run the application and the database
  5. design report, describing the design of your system (PDF document)

The report should include the system design diagrams (preferably in UML, but not required). Provide narrative describing each diagram. As part of the report, include detailed breakdown of individual contributions of each team member to the project. Each student should quantify, as a percentage, his or her own contribution to each component of this assignment. If all team members feel that their contributions were about equal, just write down "Equal contributions."
This report will be part of your final project report, so keep all documentation for later use.

Submission deadline: no later than 5:00 PM on the due date given here.
( Note: Keep all the source code and documentation because you will need it for future deliverables on your group project. )


Ivan Marsic
Thu Feb 5 13:03:27 EST 2009