Software Engineering Project Demo

Demo #2 -- Iteration 2(b) --  (date listed here)

This demo should show your accomplishments for the entire course. The structure and grading criteria for the demo are the same as for the demo #1.

1.   Product Brochure

(the same as for Demo #1)

2.   Demo Format

Also see the format of Demo #1.

You should demonstrate the functional features of your software product. Please avoid demonstrating login, user authentication, and creating new user accounts. Focus on highlighting your achievements after the first demo. Of course, you need to demonstrate the functions in context, but put emphasis on your new accomplishments (after the first demo).

The demo format is as follows:

  1. Give a short verbal overview of the product -- who and what is it for
    Please avoid slide presentation in demo #2. Rather, use live demonstration to show the product functionality.
  2. Highlight one, two, or three key features/functions:
    1. Briefly describe what the function does
    2. Demonstrate how the user uses it
    3. During the demonstration, highlight important aspects, such as user interface design, what is going on at the application's back-end, etc.
Most important: Do not only show what the user could do manually with your system; show also what the system can do automatically -- what are the "smarts" of your system that are worth noticing? What kind of automatic data processing your system does?
Remember, nobody is impressed with a system where the user has to invest hard work to get even simple tasks accomplished. Make every effort to reduce the number of clicks and keystrokes necessary for task completion.

The most important thing for the demo is that you want to impress the audience with your technical achievement for this semester. You want to impress the audience that:

3.   Demo Schedule

(the same as for Demo #1)

4.   Grading

(the same as for Demo #1)

5.   Demo Documents Submission

(Your Electronic Project Archive represents the materials for Demo #2)


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