Facility Fee Schedule

SiCLAB equipment fee schedule is shown below. Advanced reservation is required. But please note that SiCLAB students have the first priority in using the equipment purchased by SiCLAB for SiCLAB projects and potential contamination is not permitted. Note also that all users should have permission and been trained for access to MERL if the equipment is located at MERL. Because of the substantial maintenance cost and repair cost required for the following special equipment and borne by SiCLAB, regular users will be charged an annual fee which includes costs to cover chemicals, gases, and general supplies besides the regular maintenance cost and repair cost. Please process your payment of annual or one time fee by contacting Judy Pellicane at CAIP Center (732 445-6244) before permission can be granted for equipment use. Users understand and agree that damage caused by use against established procedure will be repaired immediately through SiCLABs arrangement but all repair related costs will be the responsibility of the user who causes the damage. The emergency repair costs are in addition to the following regular user charge. Outside users are encouraged to become a SiCLAB sponsor (funding >$50,000/year). Contact Prof. Zhao to find details and benefits to become a SiCLAB sponsor.