Research Areas

The research thrusts of the ECE Department include:

BioElectrical Engineering - BioDevices

Electrical Engineering focusing on biomedical devices inspired from biological systems or addressing biological requirements. Monitoring devices, instrumentation sensors and systems, biorobotics, nanobiotechnologies and biomaterials are some of the technologies in this research area.


Welcome to Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers teaches students to be at the forefront of today's information and technology age. Our advanced research laboratories and other facilities help enable our students to learn about the various aspects of electrical or computer engineering. 

ECE Graduate Student Rajesh Kappera Awarded Graduate Student Gold Award at MRS 2014 Meeting

ECE Graduate Student Rajesh Kappera (pictured lower left) was awarded the Graduate Student Gold award at the MRS 2014 meeting.

This was highly competitive and out of 251 top applicants from all over the world, 26 finalists were selected. After technical presentations and QA sessions, 7 students were chosen as gold award recipients.


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