"Smart Scheduling of Weekly Activities on Mobile Phones" by Seetha Annamraju and Prof. Janne Lindqvist


The objective of this project was to create a mobile application hat will intelligently decide the most efficient order of tasks one should complete based on user requirements. Seetha first implemented a basic Android application to understand the accuracy of location services and how to best present information to the user. Server-side computations were made to easily group a list of tasks and provide the most efficient order and location for these services. Seetha used the Google Places API and Google Directions API to make the calculations.

Seetha Annamraju graduated with a Bachelor's degree in ECE with the class of 2012. Seetha worked with Prof. Janne Lindqvist since Fall 2011. During fall 2012, Seetha will start studies towards a Master's degree at Carnegie Mellon's Information Networking institute in Mobility.