"Long-Term Hand Tele-Rehabilitation on the PlayStation 3: Benefits and Challenges" by Richard Pellosie and Prof. Grigore Burdea


Tele-rehabilitation is the provision of therapy at a distance, for example for patients living in rural areas. A young victim of severe trauma to the head trained on custom video games he payed on a PlayStation 3 while wearing a sensing glove. The technology developed at Rutgers allowed monitoring of progress (finger range of motion increase, speed of finger flexing, cumulative exercise time) from the Institute in New Jersey, while the patient was exercising at home in Indiana. Richard analyzed the game data so to extract objective values based on measures of glove sensitivity and repeatability.

Subsequently he graphed the data, which more clearly visualized progress over the 6 months of home therapy. Finally Richards findings were included in the paper "Long-Term Hand Tele-Rehabilitation on the PlayStation 3: Benefits and Challenges," Burdea G, Jain A, Rabin B, Pellosie R and Golomb G, 33rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE EMBS, pp. 1835-1838, 2011.