Prof. Jha gave keynote talk at 2012 HealthGrid


HealthGrid is a premier conference on applying distributed computing and advanced data informatics to Health Science and applications.

The title of Prof. Jha's talk was "Towards Scalable Distributed Health-Science Applications".   Here is a brief abstract of his talk.

Many important computational problems in the health sciences require the efficient use of high-performance and distributed computing in order to provide answers with the accuracy needed and at the scales required.

The ability to effectively utilise a range of production distributed computing infrastructure, such as XSEDE and EGI is therefore desirable. However in spite of a decade of advances, the ability to effectively utilise these infrastructures remains a challenge. We analyze how and why it has been necessary to develop "effective abstractions" in order to successfully utilize production distributed computing infrastructure at scale. We will then go onto to discuss the application of "effective abstractions", to support the infrastructural and algorithmic requirements of several Grand Challenge problems, for example data-analytics for next-generation gene sequencing, enhanced sampling molecular algorithms, and in-silico personalized and predictive health-care.

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