"GRAIL" by Jonathan Chiu and Prof. Richard Martin


Ubiquitous computing is the notion of having computers blend into the background and being able to perform computations using information that is gathered from an environment without a lot of user interaction. Different sensor technologies such as WiFi and RFID are widely available that can help us gather information about an environment. This information can then be used in ubiquitous computing. Other systems have been developed to use these technologies but have not been successful in providing a platform for application development. GRAIL provides an infrastructure that converts raw sensor data such as signal strength and on/off states to real-world properties, such as temperature and location, which developers with little experience can use to build ubiquitous computing applications.

I created several applications using the GRAIL system in order to evaluate the usability of the system and its potential as a platform for developers to use to easily create ubiquitous applications.

Jonathan Chiu is in the Class of 2012 and is pursuing a major in ECE and a minor in Computer Science. He has presented at the Aresty Undergraduate Research Symposium in 2011 and 2012 and has been working under Dr. Martin since Fall 2010.