ECE Student receives the Graduate School Award for Outstanding Research Accomplishments


Congratulations to ECE Student Pavel I. Reyes for receiving the 2012 Graduate School Award for Outstanding Research Accomplishments!

Pavel is pursuing a Ph.D in ECE under the guidance of Professor Yicheng Lu. His research topic is in the field of ZnO nanostructure-based biosensors, a highly interdisciplinary research involving Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Biomedical Engineering (BME), Biochemistry, and Physics.

Pavel is the one of the key contributors to a series of inventions in ZnO nanostructure-based biosensors, including the nano-SAW sensor on food package (SOFP), the nano-QCM and nano-TFBAR sensors for dynamic monitoring of cell adhesion and proliferation, and the TFT immunosensor. His research findings have resulted in ~14 refereed journal articles in last 3 years (8 published, 6 submitted).

Pavel has delivered several invited lectures and talks to the Graduate School's International Student Teaching Assistant Workshop (TAP program), and has served as Teaching Assistant (TA) for ECE. Further, he has been key mentor at the IEEE student organization in their PSPICE Workshops from 2007 to 2009. He has mentored undergraduate student interns from ECE also from UC Berkeley on work that resulted in peer-reviewed publications.

Pavel is currently serving as the student member of the School of Engineering Strategic Planning Committee. He is a keynote speaker and collaborator of the Engineering Governing Council (EGC), working to improve the academic services and student life at the School of Engineering. He has been selected by the Rutgers Predoctoral Leadership Development Institute (PLDI) (the first of its kind in the country) as one of its founding fellows for its Leadership in Higher Education Administration Certificate, aimed at training advanced doctoral students across administrative decision-making.