Publications by ECE Prof. Yicheng Lu


The paper "ZnO Schottky Barriers and Ohmic Contacts" published in J. Appl. Phys, 109, 121301, June, 2011. (cover page, JA10-6995R ) by Len Brillson and Yicheng Lu, has been consistently ranked among the Top 20 Most Read Articles for the last 8 months according to

In addition, the paper "ZnO thin film transistor immunosensor with high sensitivity and selectivity" published in Applied Physics Letters, 98, 173702 (2011) by Pavel I. Reyes*, Chieh-Jen Ku*, Ziqing Duan*, Yicheng Lu, Aniruddh Solanki, Ki-Bum Lee, has been selected as a featured article for the May 1, 2011 issue of Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research. The Virtual Journal, which is published by the American Physical Society and the American Institute of Physics in cooperation with numerous other societies and publishers, is an edited compilation of links to articles from participating publishers, covering a focused area of frontier research.

According to the 2010 Journal Citation Reports(R) (Thomson Reuters, 2011), the Journal of Applied Physics retains its spot as second most highly cited journal in Applied Physics. JAP is eclipsed only by another AIP publication, Applied Physics Letters. (Thomson Reuters, 2011)