Prof. J. Lindqvist' group develops "Hazard Tracker Application" for Warren Township NJ.

The Warren Township Committee announced the results of the Township Utility Hazard Inventory and Remediation Project conducted by a group of volunteers known as the "Warren Township Utility Advisory Committee (WTUAC)."

The Hazard Inventory was conducted in the fall of 2013 to:
  1)   Document potential threats (hazards) to the townships electrical delivery system,
  2)   Report the hazards to the utility companies (JCP&L, PSEG),
  3)   Develop and implement a remediation plan to address the hazard list .

lindqvist-hazard-280x440.thumbnail.jpgThe overarching goal of the hazard inventory is to reduce or eliminate disruptions of service to the township power supply by stabilizing and strengthening the utility infrastructure.

More than 250 miles of the electrical system were reviewed. As a result of the hazard inventory conducted during the fall of 2013, 351 hazards were documented and reported to the utility companies. The WTUAC was assisted by Dr. Janne Lindqvist, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Engineering at Rutgers University on the development of a "Hazard Tracker Application" used to conduct the hazard inventory. ECE students Michael Sherman (ECE Bachelor's degree in 2013, currently a WINLAB staff member) and Yulong Yang (ECE PhD student) worked with Prof. Lindqvist on this project.

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